Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Minimalist - The Journey

June 27,2015 Journal 

I had the week off and I had planned on getting more done around here so next week the work days would not be so demanding with home care on top of it .

But life got in the way and this time its called sickness . So many people had told me they had been sick and usually this type of stomach stuff stays away from me as well as colds and flu . I need to make sure I am getting enough vitamins for future protection .

Anyways today I wake feeling better and its already Saturday . Although I was down in bed two days I have managed to keep the laundry clean , not folded but clean . Tony cooked for himself and I lived on can soup , he did wash the dishes but he did not put them away but they are clean.

I am not sure I can get all the grass cut ( rain ) and the house cleaned in the next few days and I`m not gonna kill myself trying . 

I am glad I am a minimalist and I can walk through my home in the dark and I can go a week or two if I must without cleaning and just picking up behind myself .

I still hate paper work :/

By Andria Perry

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