Monday, June 22, 2015

A Minimalist - The Queen Of Paper

I have to make this my confession time. 

I can extreme coupon and I bookkeep for my own business . So I have the paper clutter that I battle weekly .

I have learned to recycle my paper and get money back for the scraps . Although its not much money I feel I am doing my part at home and for a tree and gaining a few pennies back .

What I do to keep this under control till tax season is I keep a  small shoe box size clear tub with envelops marked for each set of receipts I have to file , Gas , repair and materials , medication and doctor etc.. Once a week if not more I file these receipts . 

Once a week I clip coupons from the Sunday weekly news paper and I file these in my binder . The coupons I do not use I give to my friends that coupon and they do the same with me . If I still have coupons left I put them in labeled pencil boxes for one month , if no one asks for them I toss them in the recycling .

And now to the almighty mail . All of the unwanted sale`s papers and plain out junk mail ! Since I do get all my mail at the post office I do recycle right there and I don`t bring it home with me but what about all the mail I do bring home , things with my account numbers etc. ? I recycle those after I cut off the account number and toss that tiny piece in the regular trash .

Although this Paper is a thorn sticking me in my back I try to keep it under control .

How do you deal with paper?

By Andria Perry

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