Friday, September 18, 2015

A Minimalist - It is Doable

Letting go even without the time to think.  Giving it away is becoming so much more easier today than yesterday.

I am often getting caught up in the business world and I have to leave thoughts of home behind. On some days that is a blessing but on others not so much because I cannot clean my house as good as I want it to be cleaned.

As I begin a new part of my life in this September of 2015 I am loading and removing things out of this house as I go. When I say as I go I mean I am taking things to the car and each day when I go to work or coming from work, I drop it off at someones house or a donation box.

This week I began to gut a house, meaning taking down some sheet rock and removing carpet, etc. This was my old home place and yes it does still have a little furniture and junk. 

I had one of my all time favorite black and white comforter sets there and I loaded it up and took it to a needy family, with pillows. Tony did not even look at stuff and put it in trash bags to get rid of.

Yesterday, When I left home to take someone to the doctor I loaded some of that inheritance up, a trunk load, and took it out to that old home place, a yard sale brewing in the back of my mind, if it don`t sell its closer to the donation box or Salvation Army thrift store donation center.

When I clean out the stockroom here at home, I have more food to go that I no longer eat, yes I have gave up some of the processed foods like canned soup. When I have a little more fresh vegetables I give them away as I did yesterday to an elderly lady and my sister.

Removing any hoarded item helps, even one a day. Although I like my home and my stuff sometimes to much is just to much, especially when its hard to clean. Since I am over the clothing hoard I am moving to another place to thin out. I even have all my shoes neatly organized and dust free.

How about you? have you tossed some hoarded things lately?

By Andria Perry
Photo`s By Andria Perry


  1. I have been contemplating trying my hand at selling on eBay now that my husband and I are empty nesters. I live in a home that was my parents so we inherited lots of 'stuff' along with moving into the home. Now that we've added to it for the last 20 years, home and barns, it's time to get down to the basics. Never again will I attempt a yard sale. The last time resulted in a white flag and my brother carting away a full hay trailer full of stuff.

    1. I have had good luck and bad luck with Yard sales . But if I am getting rid of it anyways I will sell what I can and then donate it. Ebay is good if you have what people want. Name brand clothing does well as does sports and music stuff.