Monday, September 14, 2015

A Minimalist - Minimalism Monday

Becoming a minimalist is not an easy way of life to accomplish, it takes time and self control. Both are sparse at times but we are human and known to make errors in life.

I can say honestly that this Summer had been waves of ups and downs for me . I have hoarded and I have gave away but I am about to open up a new job and I know it`ll take more self control that I have ever had to use. I want to empty the space and start from scratch, if possible. No its not my living quarters and I will explain when I begin the process. 

But for today I will pat my self on the back for a few jobs done around my space that I am proud of getting done.

First is the biggest, I cleaned out the deep freezers and I took stock of things I do NOT need to buy anymore. I loaded the car with an entire freezer of food and I gave it away. Not because I could not use it, its because I am restocking with fresh foods I have grown , most was prepackaged that I got with coupons for free .

Next is I am still selling on ebay but I have decided to give that up completely. I have taken down some items and I gave those away.

Now for the " I need to kick myself in the butt " stuff. 

I have not cleaned my own home at all! I mean I feel like I am living in filth with exception to the kitchen, seems I am spending all  my time in that one room.

I get the clothes washed and dried but it can take days before I get them folded and put away.

I will not even get into the dust, the bathrooms and mopping . 

BUT the days are looking better, Summer is ending as well as fall harvest. Rest time means cleaning the house for me. I don`t find it hard to keep the house clean I just do not have enough time to get everything done in one day that HAS to be done. I have had to give up some time for the walking of dogs and myself, doctors orders.

What good did you accomplish last week? 

By Andria Perry


  1. Season about over, however, i was able to pick up an AC unit with remote for free. I plan on replacing one I have with this better model.

    1. FREE ! we love free :) I am glad that you got this a/c .