Friday, September 25, 2015

Feng Shui And A Good Feeling

Since I have started my journey I have applied more that just minimalism to my life and I am somewhat practicing Feng Shui and by no means am I specialist, I have much to learn but I will share what I have learned and how I apply it to my life.

When I say somewhat, I will do a little and then get all caught up in life and forget what I was doing and then I go back when I notice that things are ... Off.

Let me explain "off", everyone knows that a clean home is healthier because there is not as much dust, hidden dust on or under stuff. That means less allergies on my part.

Having " junk " is another thing because its clutter and if you have a bunch of clutter that is stuff you plan to repair piled up that's bad energy.


This week has been one hectic week but I am doing a little everyday to help my chi flow better. Being a minimalist and buying can be a hard thing for me so I do not wait one week if I want something I wait two weeks and if I still want it I will buy this item, then I will try my best to get rid of something in its place. I do things this way to curb the urge to buy and keep stuff.

I got a new bedroom suit as part of an inheritance and it came with a very, very nice comforter , Pillow shams and bed skirt. My old bedroom comforter set and curtains { homemade curtains } were black and white. The new set is a burnt orange/ maroon color with a gold pattern and gold trim. I did not have any curtains to match this so I waited to buy any and used the black curtains I already had.

Well this room felt off, so I sold a bunch of stuff on Ebay and saved that money for new curtains. I got rid of stuff and will bring it stuff, see the balance?

A couple days ago I bought a new set of curtains BUT I did not put them in the bedroom to balance this room, this is what I did, I had a nice set of curtains in the dining room that would match the golden colors in the comforter so I took those down and washed them. I bought new curtains for the dining room and they are a white satin with a blue and dark yellow pattern that compliments the dining room.

Now I have created a better flow of chi in two rooms.


When I heard that company was coming I did a quick wipe down of the kitchen cabinets and cleaned the floors . I had been canning and cooking for weeks and had splatters everywhere.

I than made sure that nothing [ paper work and coupons] were on the dining area because its an open room concept and can be seen from the living room.

I wiped down the bathroom sink and toilet. 

I put out new air fresheners and washed the smelly laundry.

Now I am ready for these guest.


I have seemed to have concentrated all the clutter to my office once again! This is part of my money sector so out this goes. But where should I put these things? Most of it is for work. I will try to make it a little more tidier. 

How have you managed with your home?

By Andria Perry

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