Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Minimalist - Missing in Action

Yes its been a very long time since I have been around but that does not mean that I have gave up my lifestyle as a minimalist.

You would think that since I am a minimalist at home that would also apply to my work but its the opposite, I own more than one house, I live in one and I rent out the rest. That is how I make a living.

But I can say that I have came a long way as far as saving "stuff" for later jobs. It used to look like a junk yard when you rode past my house because I tended to "save" stuff for later use. Sometimes that never happened and the stuff rotted and had to be took to the dump.

I have been away working for several weeks and no the only thing I had put back for future use was cabinet door knobs and almost a five gallon bucket of off white paint. The rest of the supplies I had to buy.

I have started to apply a new way of thinking about having stuff on hand for work and its like this "If I have this am I waiting for a mess to come?"  Therefore am I willing this problem to occur? So with those thoughts up front Can I reverse this way of thinking? 

I do believe so.

This comes from a way of thinking that if you smile and look happy, you will be happy and bring good people and things to you, Attracting what you put out. I say this because I know most of us have at one time or another went somewhere and someone was in a sour and negative mood and they sucked us right in and ruined out day, right?

I had just complained to myself about the shed needs to be cleaned again. I have no idea how it gets in such a state in just a couple months. Maybe I should make a new plan for the things that I use the most to be up closer to the door. I will have to do this on paper and then apply it.

I am almost finished with all the rental repairs, so back to the home front to thin things out and get rid of this dust, and allergies, see if I cant make life easier and happier.

How have you been in your journey as a minimalist?

By Andria Perry


  1. It's time for me to start cleaning for the both of us, right now. Amen to you for what you have been doing. This inspires me to get the move on.

    1. Thanks! I like to inspire people to get going, that inspires me to keep doing as I have been and sharing the progress.