Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Minimalist - Tired Of Slacking- Off My Butt

I have done this before so its nothing new, minimalism.
But for some odd reason that I cannot come up with an excuse except pure laziness I have been slacking. Making those " I am to tired" excuses.

Just a couple months ago I was working, on line and out in the world. Gardening and traveling and I still keep the house clean and organized.

Yes I got that inheritance and I think thats when I began to get bogged down and was overwhelmed with all this stuff. Yes I loved it and yes it took me months to figure out that I loved it at her house and not in mine.

Today I made every EXCUSE not to leave home and it worked. 

So how have I spent the day? Well I did work online , that is something I can`t seem to give up. But I have cleaned!

I organized the eBay stuff and I have it in one tub and I stacked that into the closet. I arranged the stock room closet and put the huge Ralph Loren ( is that how you spell his name?) Comforter in there till I can afford to have it cleaned and then I will use it, that came with the inheritance.

I then swept and mopped the kitchen, the breakfast nook and the entry way. I still have to sweep and mop the laundry room and pantry. While I was doing the floors I had a load of clothes washing and one in the dryer. While I was waiting for the floors to dry I folded a load of whites and put them away. I managed to file some coupons but I am thinking about shoe boxing them, IF I go shopping I can look for what I need but I am not planning on shopping with coupons the rest of this year is possible.

I have the recyclables out in the can and the plastic in the car to take to the donation bin.

All the trash took out and the food peels in the compost pile.

I have two more elderly people to bake for and then all the gift containers can be put away.

I do feel accomplished.

Did I mention that I have not took time to pull out not one Christmas decoration? No tree, nothing. I do want to put up a tree but at this late date I may not.

How are you dealing with life lately? Getting it done or slacking like I was?

By Andria Perry


  1. I have a great excuse for goofing off. Mrs Kasman is an OCD neatness freak and won't let me help around the house! I do any heavy lifting but that's about it!

    1. I need a friend with OCD :)so you`re the muscle?

  2. "Working" on the Internet is a solid excuse for slacking at home. And vice versa.

    1. I take your word for it since you are a professional writer :)