Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Minimalist - The New Year

What can I say about last year? What accomplishments did I make in my life as a whole? Did I accomplish anything I wanted as far as my home life and hoarding or lack of hoarding?

At the end of each year I do ask myself many questions like those above, why? I want to see where I can better myself and what I do not need to worry about anymore since I have stopped certain behavior, also known as hoarding. 

What did I add to life and what did I take away?

I did in the month of April inherit a whole house full of .... everything! Actually it was three houses packed into one huge house. I got one quarter, gave one quarter away and two others got their part of one quarter each. BUT I did not keep all that stuff. I ended up with a very expensive bedroom suit, A nice dining table I am using in the kitchen nook with a china cabinet, A couch. A few nice or antique accessories . The rest I sold and recovered my travel and moving expenses, And I made a little money to boot.

I also got rid of old worn out kitchen gadgets and bought new ones that would benefit me in the long run. A vacuum sealer, a pressure canner and a meat grinder. If something new came in, something old went out.

Clothing, I must say I have tossed many old and worn items, I sold many of the new things I decided I did not want or was to little on eBay.  I haven`t really bought much of anything, a couple of blouses and some socks, that is it for a whole year.

I still have a huge stockpile and that will be a new year resolution for the coming year, to use it and not add to, unless its dog food or toilet paper because those two are always in need and used very fast in this household.

I have slacked in the cleaning department somewhat. I have not been on the ball about weekly cleaning, dusting and vacuuming. That will change also in the new year. 

Because if the type of business I am in, rental property, the stress is at most times the max, I am planning on making myself another home based business, and slowly sell off the old business, but everything will be built and in a new separate building from my home. Right now its still on the drawing board but the potential is there to make myself a living and not have as much stress.

Being a minimalist, owning your own business and doing everything alone is not easy. However anything worth something is never easy. I will stay for the fight and I will not stand down :)

How are you doing in your minimal hoarding life?

By Andria Perry


  1. My minimal hoarding life doesn't seem to have even got off the ground! Instead of selling or giving away what we don't need we just seem to accumulate more and more!

    1. No not for me Bill, I have thinned out things and I have organized what I have so not to repeat buying the same thing that I had lost. I feel that if what you have is organized you will take care of what you have and it`ll last you a very long time.