Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Minimalist - Wake The ____ Up!

Okay, so what?  I cuss and I know its not ladylike but I am not that ladylike tonight. I am living through the tough journey of minimalism. When it was there and good and healthy it was good but is slowly disappearing. 

No, it has not been one year and I seen it coming when I seen it coming into my home. The home I was so proud of to be neat and clean, well organized, well... semi organized. This past week I did the wake up and smell the freakin coffee thing. I looked at those nice lamps that I do plan to use be loaded into the car and took to the old home place TILL I have time to paint them because I am not so much into brass as I was twenty years ago. Did I need that microwave muffin maker? No! did I need another electric knife when I don`t even use the one I have, Tony claims he does BUT ya know how that is.No I didn`t. 

Somehow my painting materials, canvas boards and poster boards got mixed up with junk. I am separating those now. 

Recipes? Why do I feel the need to keep those torn out of magazine recipes? Because I do cook that stuff, just not right now. Wait, maybe never again. Grrr.

In less than two weeks I will have guess over for a nice but small Christmas dinner and I swear it seems like the more I clean the more there is messed up.

I think I am stuck half way in one world and going into another, a more simple world, the world I crave and have for years.

Imagine a clean house with no junk around, sitting on the front porch sipping sweet tea, dog at your feet and picking the banjo with not a worry in the world.

Oh and no phones whatsoever. Heaven :)

By Andria Perry 

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  1. I can imagine a junk-free house...full of my valuable possessions, especially books, yarn, and manuscripts. It might look like a storage barn to other people... ;-)