Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Minimalist - Saving Money

July 22 , 2015 

Being a minimalist means I am satisfied and I do not have the urge to shop for more and more and more stuff . But we do have to eat . 

I use coupons to shop for just about everything and Today I added to the stock pile things I got for free or dirt cheap .

I do have to say that none of its really for me except a couple items and thats the usual , I tend to make sure everyone else is happy . When they are happy they are quiet and when they are quiet I am happy .

I have two dogs and I have to make sure they are also happy so when I use coupons its not just for people but for the dogs too , they really enjoy their treats and snacks . A plus is they will mind me no matter what for a doggie treat :) By using coupons for their feed and snacks I can save that money for the fencing so they can run free , right now they cant and stay safe .

The reason for two transactions was that I simply forgot and after I seen the store coupon in the green advantage flier , I took advantage of that sale and the coupons that matched .

Store of my choice is Publix grocery .This is what I got on sale and the coupons I used :

Transaction One

2 - Red Baron Pizza`s $4.99 on sale buy one get one free - No coupon = $4.99

1 - 6 pack double rolls of quilted Northern toilet paper $4.99 on sale buy one get one free - Used .55 mft. coupon = $1.95

3 - Pedigree dog snacks $4.00 on sale buy one get one free - Used $3.00 off of three mft. coupon = $3.00

8 - Hunts pudding 4 pack $1.00 - used $1.00 store coupon = Free

-$1.07 senior discount ( love the children check out girls :)

Total before sale and coupon was - $38.07

I paid $10.91

Transaction two :

6 - State fair corn dogs $3.49 on sale buy one get one free - Used $1.00 off store coupon = . 75 each 

2 - Smuckers Magic shell chocolate $2.29 each - Used $2.00 off two store coupon AND $1.00 off two mft. coupon = $1.58 for two 

Total before sale and coupon was - $26.39

I paid $6.95

Now lets total those together for the grand total .

Grand Total was $64.46

Grand total I paid was $17.86

I love coupons and saving money means I do not have to work as hard to buy  the junk food for everyone in the household . As for me I picked squash , tomato`s and okra today from my garden , cost ? a little sweat .

I am making life easier one step at a time . 

By Andria Perry


  1. We do not have a Publix in Ozark; however, there is one in Dothan and Enterprise. I believe it may be worth the drive. Where do you obtain your coupons? Thanks for the information!

    1. I get coupons from the Sunday newspaper , I print on line from and facebook.