Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Minimalist - My Day Is Like This

Okay maybe I should say it " was " like this . Yesterday I had to go work and I had my home to take care of also ,  this is how my day went .

Coffee and writing . I always start my day writing . After a couple cups of coffee and breakfast of fresh vegetables and fruits , an hour has passed I get up to start my day .

I loaded the washing machine with dirty cloths and got them started washing .

 I washed up any dirty dishes and cleaned up the mess that is in the living room from Tony . I make sure everyone has taken morning medication .

I had a counter full of fresh vegetables from the garden that needed to be chopped and frozen . I chopped okra and frozen two quarts . I chopped a small cabbage and froze it in a quart bag . 

I removed the crisper from the fridge and cleaned it out . I peeled and chopped all the cucumbers and put them in a bowl with a snap lid so that we can eat these as we please . 

I cleaned and sliced an eggplant and I chopped more cabbage , I trimmed the ends on a mess of okra , I stored all of it in a plastic bowls with a snap lids , the eggplant covered in cold water . Now I have my dinner prepped .

I take all the peeling out to the compost pile . And I sweep the kitchen floor .

I removed one load of clothes from the washer , put them in the dryer and put the last load into wash  .

I went outside to feed the dogs , make sure they have plenty of water and to pet them .

I grab the cooler on the way in and I wipe it out with a wet dish towel . I load it with water and diet Pepsi on top of frozen water bottles I make myself . I put the squash delivery on top .

I make my bed and remove the dry clothes from the dryer , put them on my bed to fold . I then remove the next load from the washer to the dryer . I go back and fold the clothes and put them away .

I brush my teeth and hair , apply sunscreen  . I get dressed in work clothes . 

I need paperwork from ten years ago , I dreaded it but I pulled out the Tub with those papers inside . Lucky me ! What I needed was on top .

I load the truck with the cooler , the paper work , the lawn mower and the gas can .

The second load of clothes are dry , I leave them in the dryer.

Tony drives us to the neighborhood of my rentals , I unload the mower and gas can at my sisters and I go into town .

I take care of business at one place and then we go to take this guy the promised squash , got that done and I dropped off more paperwork to another place. I checked my mail at the post office. 

I go back to the neighborhood of the rentals and I stopped to ask  " Roger Dodger " for the rest of his rent but he was in the shower and I told his wife that I would be working across the street . 

While I was gassing up the mower and getting hydrated he came down the hill , Gave me the same song and dance . 

The tenant came out of the house and told me its to hot to work , I reminded her that its Summer and it`ll be cool in November . I began to mow the grass . 

After around fifteen minutes I seen my Uncle standing by his shop , he had Tony go over there and start his riding mower and made Tony cut the rest of the grass . I did the rest of the trim around the house with the push mower . 

I knocked on the door and got their broom , swept off the steps so that I could spray weed killer on the grass that was growing in the cracks of the steps and around the base of the steps , usually I would leave this up to the tenant but since they are both elderly ladies I will do this weed killing .

I come back home . I take the trash out and  I walk the dogs for 20 minutes and  feed them .

I send out another two grocery bags of fresh produce by Tony . 

I set down to rest at the computer and I check my eBay , I see I have sold a couple more items but I have to wait to make sure no one out bids this person .

I cook dinner as I listen to the T.V. 

After dinner I wash the dishes and I chop zucchini to make chips in the dehydrator .

I take more photographs of collectibles to post free on eBay , I post three more items  .

I remove the clothes from the dryer and fold them , put them away .

Its 10:30 pm and time for my shower and bed .

That is how I spent my Tuesday July 28 , 2015. 

But its a new day and I am sitting here sipping my coffee . I am for the most part caught up on the produce  except blanching the eggplant and freezing those .

I need to vacuum and dust today , I will see if I can make that happen .

By Andria Perry 


  1. Did you flour and fry the eggplant or how did you cook it?

    1. Yes I did cook the eggplant this way .

    2. I have only cooked eggplant once or twice in my life and did not know about soaking it in ice water.

    3. That is for freezing the eggplant . You put it in the ice water to stop the cooking process when you blanch it .