Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Minimalist - Organizing A Stockpile

July 21 , 2015 

Now that you know a minimalist that does have a stock pile let me tell you how I keep it from looking cluttered and just thrown together .

First I keep like things together  .  I do use the see through storage tubs so that I can see whats inside if I do not chose to label the tub .

In my Bathroom I have a small closet and thats where I keep my small tub of make-up , all of my hair stylers and all my body lotion . That is where I will be using them so it makes sense to store them there . Under the double sink I store all the shaving cremes , sunscreens and Listerine .

The Spare Bedroom :

All shampoo`s and conditioners are stored on a shelf ,that I simply put inside ,  the spare closet because there are many of them . This is where I store all body washes , hand soap and bar soaps . On the top rack in this closet I have a few small tubs with medication aka cough syrup , cough drops and first aid bandages and wraps .

I have devoted one wall to store my can goods . I keep English peas , Green beans , Tomato`s , Corn and Veg-all . I also have evaporated milk , Chef Boyardee and soup . 

At the other end of this wall is where I keep the condiments such as ketchup , mustard , mayo , bbq sauce , Ragu and hot sauce .

If I have the chance to stock on dog food ( its rare ) I also store it in this room .

The Pantry :

I am extremely lucky to have a pantry in this house and I make good use of it .

This room has shelves on the back wall but I added several free standing on two of the other walls and under the the shelves that are already in place and I filled this room .

The newest shelf addition is not full at all and I do plan to rearrange this room to better suit my needs . 

The large wall shelf I added hold tea , cocoa and coffee . On the lower part of this shelf I have my homemade can goods . Jelly and Jams . Relish and pickles . Pickled okra and squash .

Now to the monster ; The wall of shelves . 

Top shelf is very high so I put the toilet paper , kleenex and paper towels up there .

Next down is where I keep sugar and sweeteners . Rice and dinner napkins / Scott`s wipes  .

The third one I keep boxed potato`s , An assortment of noodles and pasta , packs of seasonings and  gravy packets  Salt and sugars .

The bottom shelf holds salad dressings , croutons , crackers , oatmeal and grits .

Now to the small shelves I added under the mounted shelves : I have store bought relish ( sweet and dill ) Sweet pickles , bread and butter pickles and dill pickles . Size range from small jars to huge jars . I have peanut butter and salsa . One is full if drinks such as rice milk , sunny delight , juice , boost and V-8 .

Am I finished ? Nope :)

In the breakfast nook there is a single cabinet and I store kitchen paper products there . Paper plates and bowls . Plastic spoons and forks . Aluminum foil and freezer baggies / storage bags / sandwich bags . Large lighters and grill stuff .

Under the kitchen sink I added a double decker shelf on one side to store the dish washing liquid . Next I have lined up cleaners such as fantastic to oven cleaner to air freshener .

So now you know how a minimalist keeps her stockpile . Its just like I keep my shoes and my clothing closet , neat !

By Andria Perry


  1. Tubs are excellent storage containers, unless like me, you forget what is inside the tub. LOL!

    1. This is why you buy the clear so you can see through them . Plus keeping things in the right place you will know what is in that tub by being in that that area . :)

  2. "Organization is the key to efficiency." Harold Hill

    1. Thank for the quote and I agree 100% !