Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Minimalist - Cleaning Out and Giving

We all know that sometimes its good to give , whether it be food or stuff , we will accumulate to much from time to time  .

I give and I give a lot .

So if you still have frozen vegetables from last year what do you do with it ? You do have to have a place for the fresh food that you grow this year .

Yesterday I chose to feed people . Four households . I do have a huge garden and I have been preserving much of it for this coming winter . But as with things you have to know where to draw that line , the line of enough . Fresh or frozen .

The first Family has three but they often have their grandchild with them in the summer , I wouldn`t` call them poor but more like they don`t have as much as others , all of them are paper thin and I feel they do not get enough to eat . I filled the large cooler with last years frozen goods from the deep freezer , well one side was what I cleaned out . I gave squash , okra and turnips / greens this time and later this week I will clean the other side out . I also sent several bags of coffee . I sent the granola that I no longer care for and cereal that I chose not to eat anymore . When I think about giving I always think of this family first and I take them food a lot .

Next was my sister , although she has plenty of food but I took her fresh picked okra and an eggplant .

I have known this next elderly lady for around thirty years and I used to work for her when I had my own lawn care service . She has several health problems most of them are with the digestive system but I know she eats tomato`s and squash so I made sure the tomato`s were big so she could remove the seeds and the squash extra small so the seeds had not yet developed . 

And last . I had taken my sister to the grocery store . I am teaching her to use coupons on a small scale , not for stocking but to get one or two of each item to use for so , so much less . State fair corn dogs are on sale buy one get one free and I had a coupon making each box .75 ( full price is $3.49 each ) . I had bought four boxes for Tony and she bought two . When I dropped her off I seen my elderly Uncle sitting on his back porch . I asked " Do you like corn dogs ? " . He replied with " yes " . After getting my sister`s things in her house I took him a box and his first question " how do you cook them ? " I told him " its easy ! Microwave  " .

I have one more delivery to make today with fresh from my garden produce , someone asked for squash and since he works from 8 - 5 daily in a very busy place I will make sure he gets that squash .

Now to this clutter sitting in the office . I have gave eBay a chance and I am planning to give it another week . After that these clothes are going to my skinny tenant . Yes they were my clothes and some  are new with tags but I gained 20 pounds and I know I wont wear them again or that size . If I cannot sell them I will give them away .

I would like to add that I DO NOT give to brag or get a pat on the back . I have been blessed with more than enough and I feel God wants me to share . I cannot stand to see food go to waste when I know people who can use it . 

By Andria Perry


  1. I appreciate that you are helping your family, neighbors and friends.

  2. I do the same but to the food pantries that helped me through rough times. Many there don't get much in the way of fresh organic produce.