Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Minimalist - Adventure`s Of A Landlady

Welcome - July 15 , 2015 

Yesterday was the turning point of the rental shaping up , I got everything out that was stored there from the estate sale  / inheritance and put new carpet down in those two rooms .

The guy came by and signed the lease but he knows I have to have one more day to out the final touches on the house , mostly cleaning .
I have been waiting for a long time to see this house rented out again .

The Roger Dodger - July 15 , 2015 

Of coarse he did not pay rent , thats part of his " con " . This guy lies so much I wonder if he thinks I am stupid and that I believe him ? When I asked him to leave because I had the new tenant pulling up he asked Tony if he could work the rent off by cleaning a yard ! Tony explained to him that he don`t have any money to pay him , he said " No take it off the rent  " Tony told him that the rent is NOT his to give away . I do not know how many time I have to tell people its MY business , but I reckon its not anyones business how I live and what is what . I gave him one week . Pay or pack his bags .

The minimalist - Getting it gone 

July 14 , 2015 

I let a couple people come in and pick what they wanted from the stuff I had left in the rental house . Since no one wanted to give me a reasonable price for things from the Face book group,  I gave it away . I did not have but  couple big pieces left , the bed and the chaise lounge . I kept the lounge and the bed ? Well the guy that rented the house took the mattress set and I kept the oak bed frame . I put that back at the old home place , thats another house I have to get repaired and rented but thats for another day .

By Andria Perry

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  1. We were going to be nice and work with our renters also, but they pushed the limits for us to wait for payment.