Monday, July 6, 2015

A Minimalist - Last Week

Half of last week was part of  my main week to work each month . I manage rental property and the first week of each month is when most people pay their bill , plus its all under lease to be that way . But since there was a holiday smack in the middle it may be an extra couple of days work for me.

Since being down sick and recovering I have made a small dent in the minimal life.  And then I had a relapse but it was no where as powerful as the first time so I worked through it this time , only slower . 

The grown up yard was my main place to make sure it got cleaned up . This year I have seen more snakes out and about and its a good idea to keep th grass mowed . The lawn got mowed as well as the fields . I did get help but I made sure I was the one with the push mower so I could get the details around the house .

Trash And Recycling - Its always there ! There is always some form of trash , whether its food peelings or food wrappers . I gathered up all the Aluminum cans and cardboard ( food and can coke boxes ) , newspaper and I have them ready to go TODAY to the recycling plant . As for the food peelings  I will put those down in the compost pile . Now all I am left with is a tiny bag of non recyclables to dispose .

I also got all the bed sheets washed dried and back on the beds . I added washing a quilt this week . 

I did dust the living room and I cleaned out Tony`s corner that he always puts his " junk " and put it back where it belongs .

I changed the air filter to the a/c unit . I make a habit of doing this on or around the first of each month . It keeps the unit running better . Better to maintain that to replace  !

I am finding it hard to get caught up but I know I will . I was just saying yesterday that before I had a week of sickness I would clean the entire house , mow the lawn , do all the laundry , cook  all the meals and work outside the home . I think I am getting my mojo back :)

How did you do last week ?

By Andria Perry

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