Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Minimalist - Mojo Is Back

July has not been kind to me at all . I would be two steps ahead and then something would knock me back three steps .

But that is life and I dealt with it and now I am getting my energy ( Mojo :) Back .

I do believe its harder being a 24 /7 caretaker for an adult than it is taking care of a child . Older people are set in their ways and when they want something or to do something " its right now " . When I want to stay home and get things done here , there is sure to be an announcement of what they need to do . That has been my life the last half the the week , past . Or many years .

But ........ I did get a few things done while naps ( off and on all day  in front of the T.V. ) were being taken in the living room  :)

First was the pantry , things had been moved and put here and there . Stuff was sitting in the floor that did not belong in that room . Dusting needed to be done as well as sweeping . I can say that this room is successfully clean .

Next  . I made it to changing the bed sheets , I do have to say I am buying me another fitted sheet for the king size bed , I inherited this bed and I did get a set of sheets with it , several flat sheets and plenty of pillow cases . One fitted sheet will not work . I like to strip the beds and make them right back with clean sheets . I don`t like to wait till the sheets wash and dry .

After going into town for Diet Pepsi , one of those I have to have for the day  , I got busy in the garden , All I heard all day was " the garden needs picking " and I repeated many times " I will pick it late this evening when the sun is setting " .

I did and it takes around an hour , maybe more . I gathered many tomato`s , squash and okra this time . 

While I was picking the garden my dogs sat patiently waiting for me . Yes waiting for me to play with them , run with them or just walk with them . 

After I brought the food in the house and washed off my arms ( okra breaks me out in a rash but goes away of I wash soon after picking ) I grabbed Harley`s leash and when the dogs seen the purple leash they both were jumping around and barking . Happy .

So after a day of cleaning , waiting on people and  back breaking food picking in the garden , I had my hour to play with my dogs . They love it when I run and they are by my side . I think they know I will give them a treat when I have to chain them back up . I hate to but its for their safety , soon I will put the fence up . 

Now back inside and its dark outside .

 I gathered up all the recyclables and took them out to the can to be hauled off next week and began to cook dinner . 

After dinner I wash all the dishes and I sweep the floor , I had intentions of mopping but it was already eleven pm so I put it off till today .

I washed all the vegetables and fruits I picked and laid them on a clean white towel on th counter top to dry . Today I will be chopping and either canning or freezing most of it for another day . 

I am in hopes of getting more photo`s up for the eBay store today as well as cleaning the office where the things are stored for the moment . The grass HAS to be mowed today !

By Andria Perry 


  1. Sounds like your Saturday was full!

  2. Angie, can't you write off paying someone to mow? It makes life a check of a lot easier.

  3. Sounds like you accomplished a lot!