Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Minimalist - Work And Home

 Having to work and take care of the home is a balancing act that sometimes dumps all to one side .

I have a full time job as a landlady and I have a new part time job , called eBay . 

Of late I have had to remove the " for sale " stuff from the empty rental because I have a new tenant and I have a deadline . I am selling way to cheap just to get rid of it instead of bringing it home or dumping it at a donation box to sit and ruin till they do a pick up . 

Since I am doing this ebay selling I have to have somewhere to put this stuff , keep it dry and clean.  

That is my problem .

Since I was sick three times in a row I have had to back off from homework aka cleaning house . Now I have a few boxes sitting in my face . 

I have to determine how long I want to ebay stuff and when to throw in the towel and make a huge donation to the Salvation army thrift store . I am not sure how long it takes to get established for people to see what I have , I know there has to be a secret because so many people make good money selling with them .

Now I see my house looking like this and it is NOT sitting right with the minimalist in me .

How do you handle clutter that is also work ?

By Andria Perry

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