Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Minimalist - Journal

July 23 , 2015 

I cannot believe a week has passed already . The plan was to clean up the house that I had neglected while working , not just working but with a deadline .

That did not happen . Instead the a/c went out during the hottest week so far this year . I had to hang blankets over doorways to block out the room so that the small window units could cool a few rooms till the part came in for the a/c . I had to keep the house dark with the curtains closed to help with the colling of the house .

I slept by day for the most part and did what I could in those few rooms by night .

I did keep the kitchen clean except for mopping the floor and I plan to do that this evening . 

I did keep the clothing washed and dried , I did this at night so that I could open the laundry room door and let the heat from the dryer escape .

I also " HAD " to can and freeze my vegetables from the garden .I reversed the process , I would chop and soak the vegetables (that required a salt bath to soak )that were going to be relish early in the day instead of soaking all night , when night came I cut the over hood fan on to suck the heat out as I boiled and canned . 

I wanted to clean up this office because I do have the eBay items that I have up for sale in here and its driving me mad that they are not organized And I wanted to vacuum and dust the house . 

I think I am stuck in the reverse day and night thing , I will have to change that , somehow .

I reckon life throws you a curve ball every now and then and I just have to deal with it , after all I still have one week before my next busy work week gets here so maybe I can get the home , garden and lawn under control in that amount of free time . Oh and I almost forgot my eBay and etsy store needs some attention , I have 20 free listings on eBay I should make sure I take advantage of that .

Sometimes I think " maybe I should just give up all these different jobs and get a nine to five job ", then it hits me that I am the boss at most of my jobs now and that I do not think the nine to five people could handle me :) 

I often wonder how other people in my line of work deals with home and work , if they are minimalist in this hoarding world ? 

By Andria Perry

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