Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Minimalist - Giving And Saving

I had to work today at the empty rental house . I had all the inherited stuff there because I was storing and selling it from this house . I have sold most of it and I am down to just a couple pieces of furniture and glassware .

I have half of the glassware away today to one of my tenants and a box of crystal to a cousin`s wife .

Tomorrow I plan to give away sheets , towels and bedspreads . 

I did a full days work in a house without any a/c , not even a fan . It was very hot but I have to finish the house because I have it rented .

This morning before work I did a little on line work as well , I posted many paintings in my Etsy store . Tonight I will post more clothing on eBay .

Finally I am trying to make money back and get rid of all this clutter ! I may even list a cheaper price on some face book groups " for sale " .

Did you accomplish anything today ?

By Andria Perry

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