Monday, July 13, 2015

A Minimalist - Journal

July 13 , 2015 

I seem to be getting back into the swing of things , that would be  working and home life .

I can say that since April my life has been a roll coaster of ups and downs , especially trying my best to live the minimalist lifestyle .

I have sold or gave away most all of the inheritance that I did not want or my old stuff when I switched it out . I am down to two piece of furniture and a few small tables , a lot of picture that hang on the wall , I think I will keep those and put our paintings in them , for a future show to sell .

I am catching up the cleaning around here even though I am working full time repairing a rental house . The rental with the stuff in it , I stored it there .

I posted more stuff to sell on eBay but I am not sure this site is for me to sell on , its a slow process and I am NOT keeping this stuff for a year to TRY to sell for a couple of dollars . I am more of a yard sale - hands on negotiate - price war type of person . Get it gone .

I did manage to clean the dining room and I picked up the stray items and put them up last week . 

I washed all the laundry and I have it put away . 

I have filed all the paper work and clipped the coupons .

I have hopes to get a lot done this week but I am afraid it will not be in my house .

By Andria Perry

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