Friday, July 17, 2015

A Minimalist - Adventure`s Of A Landlady

July 16 , 2015 

Its ALL yours 

The last day of rental repairs and handing over the house is when I leave nothing behind but a super clean house . Ready for the tenant to make it their home .

When I say there was a little left to do that means a full days work . 

I first had the rest of the carpet to cut in and while that was being done I hung the new smoke detectors and vacuumed out all of the kitchen cabinets . 

As each room was done I vacuumed up the stray pieces of carpet fibers .

Then my help went under the house and finished putting the new supports up , he did three more . While he was doing that I did a super cleaning of wiping down the out side of the cabinets with fantastic cleaner and wiped down all the counter tops . I swept and mopped the kitchen .

Then I went to the bathroom and cleaned the tub with Ajax and wiped down the new sink and toilet . Swept and mopped the bathroom .

Then I moved to the outside and I clipped small tree`s away from the house and moved the branch`s to the back .

When the help was finished under the house I loaded the truck with  stuff to give away and took that down the street to a couple of different ladies .  Came back and loaded all the work stuff and a few things I brought back with me , pictures that I can reuse the frames for art .

 I leave no trash ! So I asked my sister if I could put some in her can and I did .

As I was on the way home I called the new tenant and told him its all his .  

I am so glad to get this house rented .

By Andria Perry

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