Friday, July 3, 2015

A Minimalist - The Journey - 7-3-15

July 3 , 2015 - Journal 

Usually I wait till the weeks end to file paper work but I did it last night as I piled it up on the dining room table , The first of the month is when I have more receipts that pertain to business than any other time of the month .

I did a good pick up of the stray things laying around the house and washed a load of colored clothes .

I had planned to do yard work today but I was awaken by the pouring rain so I will use all my saved up energy to clean and organize inside .

I am not planning to have anything at my house for the 4th . and I most certainly do not want to cook out using meat , maybe I will go fishing .

Something good ? I sold and moved two more big piece`s of the furniture I inherited . Both are on a payment plan but thats okay , people with less to live on want nice things too .

I may get started on eBay this weekend , get rid of more unwanted things .

By Andria Perry

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