Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Minimalist - Now You Are Bored

I know many people that shop when they are bored . They will walk around the mall at a snails pace looking and touching everything . Buying things that they already have or must get the newest model to keep up with other people  .

But you got a hold of your own mind , yes you were brainwashed , and walked away from the unnecessary shopping trips .

This is a new life and you do not know what to do for fun or with your friends .

Let`s look at a couple of options , some free some not .

The first thing I did instead of the mall was I began going to the park . Most cities or small towns have a nice park , all equipped with walking tracks  . If you and your friends have children this can be great opportunity to take the kids somewhere to  burn some energy as well . The plus side you are still moving and chatting as you did when you were at the mall but in the fresh air and you are not spending money or buying more to hoard .

Movies ?  Now this can be costly if you go at certain times of the day but usually when we are shopping with friends or alone its in the daytime , thats when the matinee is playing and the tickets are cheaper , Toss a pack of candy in your purse to save in that area :) . Make it a girls day out and see the mushy movie that the guys and kids dread .

But that is not the only way to watch movies ! You can check out movies at the library for FREE , bring them home and have a lunch and movie at your place .  And there is the red box instant movie theater , New movies for $1.00 . Each week new movie and new theme  . Ask the friends to bring one item each for the Lunch and do it at each others houses so everyone gets to " go " somewhere for an outing  . No burn out there .

If you think about what you like to do in life besides shopping you will find yourself again and be right back on the track to you . Its easy to allow the marketing of the world to brainwash us but its also fulfilling to break that cycle and become what you once enjoyed . Fun .

By Andria Perry


  1. One recent weekend, we rented some movies from Redbox. I thoroughly enjoy a movie weekend!

  2. One recent weekend, we rented movies from Redbox. I thoroughly enjoyed a movie weekend!