Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Minimalist - That Refrigerator !

Now come on people ! This is not a closet , this holds items that GO into your body and is not a place to even consider not keeping clean .

It has often amazed me at how some people are still living when I see inside that fridge . 

Molding food , rotten meat and jars that have been in there since the last " end of the world is coming freak out ! " . Why ? Why keep that in a place that feeds you ? 

Cleaning a refrigerator is not hard at all . I would rather wipe the fridge down than dust the furniture . But I reckon I have a system in place that makes it easier for me so I will share my how to with you along with how I organize for easy cleaning .

First bring in a cooler for the " must stay cold " stuff like Milk , eggs and meats , put those in the cooler till you are finished .

Next simply take everything out and set it on the counter top , even the drawers  . I then fill a vessel with water and a dash of dish washing liquid , I wipe down the entire inside of the refrigerator . Next I pour out the dirty soapy water and fill the vessel with clean water and wipe it down again to remove the soap . Last I take a dry cloth and wipe off any water that was left behind . 

Wash out the drawers in the sink and dry them .

Now lets put it back together . Check each jar to make sure its still in date and there is no mold growing inside . Discard what is no good to eat . 

Start with the refrigerator door .Wipe each jar off before putting it back inside , especially the bottoms because it may have been sitting in something that was leaking before . I like to put the salad dressings , Ketchup , Mayo and mustard in the door . Along with any other sauce . It keeps them neat and at hand for a quick grab . I also store the pickles in the door area .

Close the fridge and let it get cold while you put the vegetables back into the drawers / crisper . I like to put vegetables in one and fruits in the other . And I always lay a paper towel in the bottom first in case one goes bad before you use it . I also have a top small drawer and I use it for cheese and sandwich meats .

Now I just put the filled drawers back in along with the meat , milk and eggs . I do keep my eggs and meat on the bottom shelf .Big jar items on top and milk ( all drinks ) in the middle .

I find this easiest way to keep the refrigerator clean .

Do you have a system better than mine ? Is so share I would love to know.

By Andria Perry

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