Monday, July 20, 2015

A Minimalist - Stockpiling

Yes I know ! Minimalism and stockpiling is contradictory . 

But not in this house . 

It is possible to have what you need and use daily and be a minimalist . Why ? Because being a minimalist does not mean having nothing . It means having enough and being neat and clean with your things . Organization is key . A huge plus is it means saving money . 

I do have a stockpile . I do have a pantry and I do have a deep freezer. I do have a closet that WAS empty  . So why not keep them fully stocked with what I use daily ? 

I try to stock things by using coupons so I do not pay full price , most of the time 1/4 th the price or free ( free means paying sales tax only ) . 

I like to keep a years worth , if possible , of jar sauces such as Ragu , ketchup , mayo and mustard . I also like to keep plenty of paper products aka toilet paper . 

The first things I remember stockpiling was hair and body products and thats where I save the most money . Not buying Shampoo , conditioner ,soap & body wash , toothpaste and toothbrushes for two years has helped the most , I got all of it free!

It was hard to stop stockpiling certain items and to move on to another item that I use daily but I managed and now I can go weeks without buying anything , with or without coupons .

So the answer is yes I can stockpile and be a minimalist . I can have nice things and be a minimalist . 

By Andria Perry


  1. Do you purchase coupons? I would like to know more about purchasing items for free or very little.

    1. I always use the Sunday newspaper coupons . I print coupons on line and I match those coupons to the sale each week .