Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Minimalist - Cleaning Day

I know most of you who will read this will say " NO its the fourth of July , no cleaning " .

I agree if I was still throwing holiday parties but this year I`m not so I am cleaning a little .

I have the bathroom to clean and I decided to wash all the bed sheets , they are in the washer as I write this  .

If the sun dries things up I am sure I will be outside mowing the lawn because its in serious need of mowing . I could not believe how much grass can grow in a week till I walked the dogs and some seed are knee high to hip high to me. I reckon those little rain showers do more than I thought .

If I have any time I do plan to work but its on line . I finally set up an eBay account to sell my stuff . I have one tub of new clothing that I will be listing and Glassware . I also need to work on the Etsy store that I created a week or so ago . 

By doing a little cleaning each day that I can I keep ahead of the clutter  , the hoard and try better for minimal and clean .

Got plans for the fourth ?

By Andria Perry

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  1. I agree! I wipe the bathroom sink out after each use etc...