Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Minimalist - Adventure`s Of A Landlady

Repairs - July 13 , 2015 

I am a landlady but I did not plan to be , it kind of just happened . There are some days I work to do normal repairs and some days that the repair was caused by damage from others .

Today the damage was from others .

I have let this rental set when I should have pushed for it to be fixed so that I would have the extra income . Yes it takes money to fix the places but this time I did have most of the materials needed .

But when you do not keep a good eye on things people steal  , like pipe ! There was not much copper pipe , all of it has been replaced with PVC pipe ( plastic ) now , so there was not much damage , more of just putting the puzzle back together .

I moved all the left over stuff from the inheritance / estate sale I had into one room . I gave away things that did not sell .

I cleaned the carpets  , I had bought a carpet cleaner at an estate sale for near nothing  and I used it for the first time today . It did not come with the directions but I figured it out . That saved me a lot of money doing it myself with my own machine. This is why I have a lease and No pets , its because people do not clean up after their animals .

Although the heat was bad  , hovering around the 100° mark ,  I still mowed the grass .

I am getting close to having this one done , the tenant is waiting on me .

By Andria Perry 


  1. I am glad you were able to get what needs done, done. I dislike people who do not clean up after their pets. I have two dogs and they do not tear up my house or make a mess. I paid a pet deposit to my landlord up on moving in. As others before had allowed their pets to destroy things. Such as the bathroom door with scratches.

    1. Wanted to add : People like that, makes it hard for people who do look after their pets to find a good place to rent. Makes you wonder if they owned a house what it would look like.

  2. I have a dog that doesn't yet understand a leash. He was adopted fully grown by us. He is not destructive, just large.