Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Minimalist - A long Night

Yesterday after getting up at daylight and running most of the day on few hours of sleep I had to do the unthinkable . 

Clean house .

I had laid down for a nap and Tony woke me telling me the a/c was not working . I got up and it was not working , so I got the repair guys number and it would be today that he could come.

I looked around and since I know this guy and all his people , I cleaned up and after a week of barely managing to bathe and go to bed , the house was ...... not how I normally keep it . Since I have overheard how men talk about women and how clean or nasty , I was not going to be in the category of nasty !

After I got the kitchen / living room and dining area cleaned up , not dusted but cleaned up with no clutter , I went to folding and putting away all the clothes that I was washing and drying while cleaning the other rooms .

I got the main parts of the house presentable . 

Luckily I did have a small window unit and I put it in the window in the living room and closed off the rest of the house . Since I have two sofa`s I took one and Tony took one and that was sleeping quarters for the night . I kept waking up because I am used to my room and my huge bed but I reckon the sofa was better than suffocating .

The a/c man just arrived and is outside with the a/c unit . Hopefully this messy office will be cool in a short while .
Nope not this weekend , a part was bad and it`ll be Monday . Looks like I am buying another window unit :/

By Andria Perry

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  1. Prayers that he is able to repair the AC. In 96 degree Alabama heat, we need air conditioning. Dothan has been operating heat relief shelters.