Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Minimalist- Was I sick?!

January 12,2016

I am not one to get sick, I mean I may get a headache or earache but nothing serious like a puking virus or the flu < got all my shots >. And I seriously do not like to complain because lets face it , no one wants to know.

For a few days I have felt exhausted and I just wanted to sleep, but I fought sleep only to do nothing productive. Today I talk with my sister and found out she has a piking virus! Now I know why I feel/ felt bad.

So I pulled my act together and did what? The laundry AGAIN! two loads of colors and one white, I do not know how we mess things up. I know its been wet and we get mud on us but there are only two people in this house.

Next I made it to the coupons, I got those filed into the coupon binder and the coupons I don`t use are in the labeled pencil boxes, if someone may need or want any, I will toss them out in thirty days anyway, thats how long most of them last.

I am noticed something again, one of those old hoards coming back again. The magazine hoard. Seems I get sucked into subscriptions all the time. I always ask myself after I get them delivered " why?" but I can`t answer :(  I can read the magazine in one setting. Lately I have been passing them to my sister.


January 13,2016

Yes I did think I was sickly because today I feel back like me again.

I have not accomplished much as yet but I did toss out an old friend, soft and with air flow. :) That is her in the picture and she ain`t pretty anymore. My lawn mowing and painting a house shirt.

Have a good day, see ya tomorrow.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. Sometimes we're so busy getting on with life we don't have time to be sick!

    1. That is exactly what I told someone once.

  2. I always seem to get sick after the holidays. This year I got sick for the holidays and it took weeks to get well. Being sick is miserable and prevents you from doing anything that needs to be done, so it is a double downer. :(

  3. I am so glad I am over whatever that was, I did not actually get sick, but I felt tired and worn out. Not like me at all. I hope you are all better now :)