Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Minimalist - Smell That Smell

A little over a week ago I mentioned that it was time to clean out the refrigerator that I could smell something ruined like cabbage or broccoli but I did not have ether in the fridge at the time.

I did a clean out but it really was not dirty and I found nothing rotted but it got a good wipe down anyways and I took note of what fruits and vegetables I was low on and what I had plenty of still.

As the days passed The smell was leaving so I thought maybe it was a water in the drain line finally draining out.

Yesterday Tony went to the fridge opened it to look for something to eat and said " I thought you cleaned this out the other day, it smells." I opened the door and sure enough , it smelled. Being exhausted I put cleaning it out again till today.

I started at the top and worked my way down, since I know the two crisper drawers are clean. Nothing on the top shelf was open or spoiled. Next shelf, still nothing. I did the bottom shelf , smelling every item. Nothing!

One last place, the little drawer that just has the feta in a tub, the blue cheese in a tub and a stockpile of cheese slices. When I opened this drawer I smelled it, I said " Aha! I bet its the tub of feta, somehow got opened." I smelled each item as I took it out and nothing, then I seen it!

A baggie in the back.

When I seen what was inside I remembered it from Christmas, Goat cheese with garlic and herbs. I  had opened it and ate a few bites and put it inside a ziploc storage bag, I really did not care for it so it was going to be dog food. Some how it had gotten crammed all the way into the back and behind a package of cheese slices.

I handled the bag carefully because I could see mold and "juices" in that baggie. I held it up after sniffing the bag and said " I found it" and showed Tony. He said " open it and make sure," I replied with " no way am I opening this" and I asked if he wanted to smell it through the bag, he declined :)

I opened a empty jar that I will dispose of and carefully placed it inside.

after a couple of hours I went to get something to drink from the fridge and I have to say, it smells so much better :)

Lesson learned - always look under the cheese slices.

By Andria Perry

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  1. This reminds me. I need to clean my fridge. It doesn't stink yet, but there are some leftovers at the back that might be sentient by now.