Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Minimalist - The Car and More

I have a car that my dad left me, actually when he bought it used he put it in my name. Well, last year it just quit, I am not sure if it just needs a battery or maybe a fan belt but its been sitting.

I have been using the front seat for my recyclable newspaper but then Tony decided he wanted to put some junk off the truck in the back seat.

Now you see where this one is headed don`t you? A junked up car just sitting like the house of hoarders.

This car is going to be one of my main projects this coming month, February.  I am tired of looking at all that junk inside, it all needs to go. As for me using it for the newspapers I do recycle those about every other week but that will stop also.

I want this car up and running again and for some reason I think its something small that needs fixed. When my dad gave it to me he said " you wont ever have to walk again" that is why I keep this car. Every where I move I take this car with me, running or not.

Plus I need the car to be moved so I can either make my own or buy paver`s to make a nice place to park, a landing I guess is what I will call it. Its not hard to make but it is time consuming. With all the rain this past month I have been sliding in and out of the house to the car and vice versa. I need this fixed, I wore sneakers for the best part of the month so I would not ruin my good shoes, that is how bad it has been.

Now what project are you planning on doing in February? Maybe something minor, or you going major like me?

By Andria Perry


  1. My February project is to get our upstairs TV room back to what it is! I have boxes and boxes of products I've reviewed over taking the entire room. That is my top priority, then on to the next rooms.

    1. I have thought about doing those reviews but I don't know why I always walk away. I am sure you`ll get the room cleaned out. Have a yard sale :)

  2. Best of luck getting the car cleaned out and going again.

    In February I want to continue to clean/organize my craft stuff. Starting with the remaining two drawers in my desk.

    My biggest book shelf needs cleaning too, but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough for that one yet.

    1. Sure you are! You know you will feel so good when it neat and pretty :)