Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Minimalist - The Beginning

January 2,2016

I began my new year with doing just about nothing, resting for a change. But then I remembered a resolution I made and I was actually doing this, unconsciously.

I made this my number one resolution, stop buying and use up the stockpile.

For dinner I use canned Blackeyed peas from the stock of canned goods, I had ham from the deep freezer and greens from the garden that I grew myself. Nothing bought recently. 

Next While I was outside walking the dogs I reached under the deck and got what small flower pots I had saved under there, Hoarded I should say, I began working on my new adventure, the new business, I have not named it yet. I will think about a name.

Then I went into my closet and looked at all my Winter clothes still in the Winter clothing tub and thought " I need to try those on to see if they still fit, toss what don`t." I do plan that for the weekend.

Cleaning is what has really been on my mind and not just the house but my car. I loaned my sister my shop vac and she has had it for eight months, While she had it I was either paying a machine and vacuuming my car or just letting it go. She got a new vacuum for Christmas so its at home, waiting for me to suck the trash out of the carpet.

Since Tony has hoarded a little bit of lumber around here from different projects I think I will get outside and pile it together, since its here and there and see what else I will need to make a building, dirt floor will be okay. Its cold outside but I need to get things going, sitting on my butt complaining about the cold will not get anything accomplished. Anyways if you get up and move you warm up right? :) I will put a hat on and several layers of clothing, I will probably sweat :)

What do you have planned for this second day of 2016?

By Andria Perry


  1. A new vacuum for Christmas? Mrs Kasman would have filed for divorce if I'd bought her that for her Christmas! :)

    1. I agree! That would SUCK! :D I think she must have hinted to her BF and that's what he got her.

  2. Replies
    1. You`re welcome! I will post more, I am going for daily again :)