Monday, January 25, 2016

A Minimalist - Doing What Comes Naturally

It seems I should take everything a day at a time and not plan my week so its not a set back when I cannot keep with the plan, " be flexible Angie." I tell myself.

I could say " its been a bad day, a bad week, a bad month or even a bad year," but in reality its just everyday life. People get sick. Plans get changed. Car problems happen and people die, that`s life.

With all of the above mentioned happening to me all in one week I have to stop and think, Then I can see clearly once again.

I had let things sit for a few days while I wallowed in self pity and what woke me back up was when I came out of the bathroom, I stood in the hall facing the breakfast nook and what I seen was unreal and I made the mess.

Tony walked by and asked " what are you doing?" and I replied " come here and look," He said " what?" and I told him "all that , as I waved my hand in the air toward the mess, looks like a scene from the Hoarders show." He said nothing and walked off after rolling his eyes.

So I got busy and I cleared out my new business of flowers, pots and dirt sitting in the corner. I took out all the sacks recyclables waiting for me to put them in the right bins. I swept and mopped and cleaned the table top.

I cleaned the toilets and I washed those white permanent press shirts and dress clothes. 

I picked up all that was tossed around. I took my life back.

Its hard at times to remember that the car will always break down when you least expect it and you will get sick when you are telling yourself not now, anytime but now. And death, no matter if you are close to the person or not, people die when its their time to go.

So life goes on and I don`t want to live a nasty life that looks as though I don`t care because I do, I have always cared.

Wake up and smell the trash! Then take it out to the curb.

By Andria Perry

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