Friday, January 15, 2016

A Minimalist- Organizing - Tubs Or Not

I used to call myself " Queen of the tubs" because I lived in a small house with a hoarder that did not have any closets and a full size basement. To keep it clean from falling dust I " tubbed it." 

Seems like a good way, right?

Wrong. I began to forget what was in those tubs even though I had each marked and I started buying another of what I did not know I had. I was becoming a hoarder, by the tub fulls.

I have to say that we know that the day after Christmas is the day all the commercials and the sales ad begin to have massive sales on the organizing stuff. All the magazines showing us how to organize and what containers to use.

Thats not a bad thing but its also not a good thing either.

It has became the new life of buying and keeping also known as hoarding, buy new and use it but keep the old and not use it but put it away in a tub. 


I am aware that some things need to be replaced every so often due to not being energy efficient anymore or that its simply dry rotted. The problem is keeping the old one, stored into another item to stack back, collect dust and take up space.

I am not saying not to buy tubs because they are very useful. I use all sizes of tubs to keep my things nice and clean, for instance my dress shoes. I do not wear all of them that often but I want them clean when I reach for a pair.

I have my music CD`s in a small shoe box tub, labeled and I can see through it, I know what is inside.

I have my old paper photo`s in a large clear tub. I can see what is inside when I want to go down memory lane.

What I am saying is, if you already have a replacement for what you are about to poke away in that tub, don`t. If you needed a replacement there must have been a flaw in the first place. You are worth more than to keep an old flawed item when you have a wonderful new item, use the space to walk and breathe.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. A useful idea even if you have plenty of cupboard space - things can be grouped together with little chance of them being mixed up.

  2. Yes. Especially things we use but not daily.