Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Minimalist- Those Working Days - How to cope

January 5, 2016

Yesterday, Monday January 4th. was a working day for me and a lot of work had piled up since the holiday of last Friday. So how do I do anything as a minimalist when I have to work and be on the road all day?

Resist temptation.

Is it that simple?

This time of the year we see all those pretty things, especially Christmas decorations, on sale for 50%  and 75% off and we are tempted to buy MORE because it is that cheap.

Yesterday I had to go into a walmart store and I did see all those pretties but I walked out of walmart not buying anything because they did not have the two things I wanted, long envelops and a small cooler for the car.

Was it hard to walk away? Yes. And I did take a quick look but the thoughts came to me " where would I put this? I have so much already." And I walked away.

Plus making the new year resolution to stop shopping so much and use what I have is still fresh in my head.

Then I had to go into Publix! This is the place that will be the hardest for me to resist because I can coupon there like nobodies business! I knew I went in for free medication and that was it. 

Then I seen the coupons in my purse and looked. Oh my goodness I should not have looked.

I seen the Progresso soup buy one get one free and I had coupons, not just soup coupons but $2.00 off premium crackers when you buy the soup! 

I caved! 

I gave in and bought nine cans and got three boxes of the good crackers two boxes were. 77 each and the other one I got for .39. Now I have nine meals and Tony has his crackers because he won`t eat soup but he likes them with vegetable salad and tuna salad.

Now I wont say that its a complete failure by giving in and buying because I had a can of soup for dinner last night and a can for lunch today. My doctor just told me to get back on the 1600 calorie a day diet, my vegan/ vegetarian soups are 180 and 200 calories per can, I just eat the whole can and call it a meal because I don`t eat bread or crackers with the soup. So I bought healthy no meat meals for me.

And to just justify buying and not using the stockpile, well I did not have nothing but cream of chicken soup and its for recipes and not a meal for me.

I am not perfect and I know I will have my days when I will say to myself when I get home " Why did you buy that?"

How would you have handled my day?

By Andria Perry


  1. Resistance is useless (sorry about that but I'm a fan of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) but in my case it really is useless. I can't resist a bargain!

    1. I know how you can resist Bill, don`t go into the stores :)