Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Minimalist - Can`t Plan Everything

This week has been a hard week to be a minimalist. There are just things that cannot be helped, its life and I have to just deal with it as each day passes.

Monday I did get a lot done in a couple rooms as wrote in the previous post but then life began on Tuesday.
Monday night it was late when we finally had dinner and I left a few dirty dishes in the sink due to fatigue, its rare but at times I have to just leave it for the next day because I cannot do anymore. I do not own a dish washer.

I woke Tuesday morning to NO water. Something the water company was working on and it did not come on till later in the day, so I had a ton of dirty dishes by this time, and I had a funeral home visit to make that night so two baths came first.

Due to problems at work I had to leave the funeral home and go directly to a rental house. I got home at eleven pm, we ate snacks at midnight and that meant more dirty dishes but I could not stay awake any longer, I had to get up at six am, go to work and a funeral. I left this mess, again.

So late last night I tackled this piled up, dried on mess in the kitchen. It seems like I soaked and washed dishes for a couple hours.

I also had to deal with the laundry, I washed two loads of color clothes and one white. But we had gotten out dress clothes dirty so after two nights we had two sets and I washed them, making four loads of laundry. Sometimes when I am just attending a funeral I wont get them dirty and I can wear them another time, instead of washing them, washing nice clothes will wear them out faster.

I am off today so I plan to clean the refrigerator, I smell something that resembles cabbage but I don`t have a cabbage. I must clean it all to find this smell. I do not like to open the fridge and smell anything. But its due a good cleaning, I think its healthy to keep this a really clean place because everything in there is going into my body.

So how are you doing with the cleaning and keeping it minimal?

By Andria Perry


  1. I am busy doing laundry. i want to catch up the weekend. That way I can get on the kids to get their dirty laundry out of their rooms. i need to work on cleaning my desk and other cluttered area.

  2. My personal assistant does all the cooking and cleaning whilst I sit back and watch the game on TV!