Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Minimalism Monday - Day Late And A Dollar Short

Whew! What a week that just went by. I have had life pile on top on top of life for the month of February, Today is the last day and I am glad to say goodbye February and Hello March!

One job is over, one of the time consuming jobs that I had to take on for the last six weeks, it was mid day and lasted several hours so that put a damper on anything I wanted to do that was major and would take time.

Last week I did not get much of anything accomplished, I just did the basic clean up after myself in the kitchen and bathroom, kept the laundry clean and put away.

I can see dust, no if and`s or but`s about it. I cannot clean it today because I have to work at my main job and for once I have a doctors appointment, my check up. The care taking job that is 24/7 is okay this morning, he is sleeping and I cannot be loud about whatever I do.

Did I add anymore stuff last week? 

No more junk but I did buy three file/magazine holders to organize what I still have.

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Did I stock on Food?

Being a homesteader and practicing minimalism is not easy, I tend to  stock up on home canned goods for each season of most vegetables and fruits, for a year if possible.

This week the price of strawberries was rock bottom for me so I processed 20 pounds, that may sound like a lot but when they are cooked they do get smaller, so that is just three cases jars.

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I will add that the talk of a root cellar had been on the table, How I would love one! That would make my life so much easier.

That is about it for the week past, this week I may get to do some cleaning out and clearing out, if its Gods will.

How was your week past?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. SS check is not here. Will be another month. I'm pissed! Have to find enough to pay mtg.

  2. My week was a bit like yours. I had two root canals, one Thursday and on today. Had to work in the other house packing and organizing workers on Sunday. Spent first part of last week cooking food that didn't need to be chewed and taking care of financial stuff and getting paperwork finished to join a group filing for Quiet Title to protect our water rifhts in Templeton. Have two more root canals to go and all the crowns for them, and by then it will be time to get taxes done.

    1. I am getting taxes together too.

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