Monday, February 20, 2017

Minimalism Monday - Life On The Run

Work, work and more work. Seems we are working our lives away. Well lets get minimal and reserve time for having fun or just relaxing.

There are many days I do not do anything at home except the basics and that is picking up trash, washing dishes and doing laundry because we all know those get behind and its like this black cloud hovers over and its... its... horrible.

So I let everyone know what I was doing for the first part of the week but what about the last part? Nothing! That is right dirty dishes and laundry only. I did dishes once a day and that was every night and while I was doing those I was washing one load of laundry.

More on that here : Mid Week Check In 

On Saturday I made up for the hard week on the job and letting things sit here, waiting on me.

The office needed something done as well as the spare bedroom.

I took another medium size box out of the office and I went through it. it was photos that I inherited, I bagged the loose one and I stacked the albums with mine. I put the box at the back door to put stuff in to take out. I also had this collection of reusable bags, most were free from one business or another with their logo on the side, I put those in the donation box, since they are flimsy and will not be suitable for the grocery store. 

I took a couple of these plants that are indoors for the winter outside and re-potted them, this got rid of the mess of all those dead leaves and helped the plants, I cleaned up all the dead leaves that fell in the floor, looks nice again.

I had a couple cases of ensure on the kitchen counter so I took those and put them under the bed in the spare bedroom, I don`t like putting things under the bed but these will be used up sooner than later and they are out of the way.

I cleaned up Tony`s table in the living room that was scattered with trash, I wiped it down. The dining room table is still clean and I filed the small handful of paperwork I had got this week.

Sunday evening I cleaned one of the bathrooms, it was past due! 

I only washed one load of laundry each day over the weekend, since I change Tony`s bed sheets every other day it don`t take long to have a load and I wash more during the week.

But like the rest of the week I let the dishes ride, washing them only at night.

No coupons this weekend.

Trash out and recyclables out.

No I did not get a lot done over the weekend but anything is better than nothing, I do have a Medium box and a little stuff in it to go... Oh and a five gallon bucket of paint went also, for a rental to be painted, It was sitting in the pantry waiting one me to use here and I gave my sister a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. That is what went out.

What did I bring in? Toilet paper and bath soap. That was the stock up of this past week. Both guaranteed not to be here long!

How was your weekend? 

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. Sounds like you got a decent bit of decluttering done. Just dont forget where you stashed the ensure. Out of site out of mind you know. lol

    I worked Saturday, and Sunday I spent a few hours tackling my desk. I have to finish that particular declutter project when I get back from the eye doctor today.

    1. Your desk is a good place to start, I also need to clean mine and discard scraps of scribble I have everywhere.

  2. I spent my weekend up on the land, and got a good bit done while enjoying my peace and quiet. I came back to the apartment Sunday night, thinking I'd spend last night and today doing things in the apartment. I have not been productive at all. So I'm resting and reading about the reset of the world.

  3. I spent my weekend being lazy, catching up on some re-runs of Beverly Hills 90210

    1. I have not seen that show in years.