Thursday, February 23, 2017

Minimalism And Me - Pretty Organizing Containers

I have always said that minimalism and hoarding is in a way the same thing. Minimalism can get to the point of having nothing and always needing something. Hoarding is having to much and always buying more because you cannot find what you have. I am on the journey of finding the middle, not to much but just enough. Organizing is the key and using the right containers will help.

I love to read and I do, or did, have magazine subscriptions to favorites like Vegetarian time and Organic Life that I often refer back to for the recipes or helpful articles. Lets face it, magazines are hard to organize. The slide off shelves or become huge dust collectors, if we box them or put them in tubs we forget about them and their purpose.

So..... I found a solution. 

Last year I found the magazine holders at Target in their dollar isles, When I went back for more I never seen those again.

Today I stopped into the Dollar tree for Fake flowers for a grave and I seen these, Corrugated file holders. I did notice they are deeper and wider but that is okay, I got three more.

The corrugated file holders are easy to put together, the instructions are on the bottom of the box.

These are also good for organizing those pocket notebooks and the paper back extra large books that are so popular these days. I know I have many of the extra large paper back cookbooks.

These Corrugated file holders are excellent to get that book shelf nice and clean. You will have those favorite magazines at hand and easy to find when needed, no more searching for an hour, wasting precious time.

And for only $1.00 each, this is worth the investment to get organized, whether you buy three or twelve, and it looks so much better.

Have you tried the corrugated file holders? Do you like them? Your thoughts are appreciated. 

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. ZI do like them. I know a place where i could use one or two of those. Like the top of my desk or the on the back of the toilet.

    1. I know they are so handy and very cheap!

  2. Great post. I'll be back to look at your others as I'm on a mission to minimalize. :)

    1. Thank you. Come back anytime, maybe my journey will help you :)