Sunday, February 12, 2017

My Minimal Hoarding life - The end of my week

February 9,2017

I had this Thursday morning off from work so I worked around the house till I had to go to work a couple hours in the evening. I intended on cleaning one room and cleaning it well but I noticed I was bouncing so I ended up cleaning out from under the double sink in my bathroom, I store many of my favorite hair products in my bathroom as well as razors and that type of stuff.

The first thing I did was to move the seedlings from the north window in the eat in kitchen table to the south window which is the spare bedroom, they are sprouting and needed more sun. And that is how I ended up in my bathroom, I was straightening the stockpile of hair stuff in the spare closet and I moved some to my bathroom.

I had to do a couple consolidations too, I removed some hair products from the larger tub and put all the razors in it, that was in a couple baskets. Then I had the baskets to put bigger stuff in that I don`t have a large clear tub for.

I wiped off the stuff and vacuumed the cabinet out. Before I knew it I had worked a couple hours cleaning and organizing. I know for sure what I do not need and what I could restock but its not necessary.

I made sure I made my bed and put away any clothes, I hung up a few coats that was worn and not put away. I have to say that I am always proud that I have a neat and clutter free bedroom, but I do need to vacuum and dust, maybe this weekend.

I still had a little time after I got ready for work so I cleaned out, washed and dried, three of the small trash cans. I washed up all the dirty dishes and bagged up the trash.

This evening I just chilled after work.

Friday 10,2017

Tony decided to work on the truck so I grabbed the vacuum and went to work in the living room and dining room, I had not been able to vacuum those two rooms because if him being sick and on the sofa.

The rest of the day I just had to rest, I was on the road most of the day and Friday traffic is the worst in the big cities, so I kicked back read my book and watched t.v. or blogged.

Saturday will be another story :)

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

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