Thursday, February 9, 2017

My Minimal Hoarding life - Wednesday Check In

February 8,2017

I have to admit that I am still recovering from the first five days of the month. But I have managed to keep my life clean, somewhat.

Monday - Since I have been bringing the jars from the old home place I am washing those up to store my food in, for one they look nicer that boxes and I can see how much I have and if I am running low to list that I need more, so I washed several more of the glass gallon jars I had in the basement. I think I am actually saving space because I got almost 3 cartons of oats in one gallon jug. And I filed the coupons that I clipped on Sunday night. Changed the bed sheets on Tony`s bed.

Tuesday - This was a "run an errand day and a Tony is sick day." I did not do nothing. I had to be quiet when he was sleeping so I cannot get much done unless its in the bedrooms and everything in those was okay. However later when he woke I did do two loads of laundry, folded one and left on drying when I went to bed.

Wednesday - Bed changing day, I have to change Tony`s bed sheets every other day. I washed a load of laundry, "whites" and dried and folded those. I took all the trash and recyclables out to the trash can and the recycle bin.

Since we had the water to freeze an bust and we did not have any water for days except what I bought I have been stockpiling water in jugs as I get them, milk jugs or juice jugs, I took those out to the carport. No these won`t be used for drinking water but they will be okay to flush the toilet or wash dishes or even use to bathe with. I am stacking these on one wall so not to take up the whole area.

On this Wednesday night I announced I will need to clean the living room and dining room very soon!

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By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry


  1. I got laundry caught up. I now need to put it all away. It is all sitting in baskets. Ugh!! I am still trying to figure out about how I can reorganize the laundry room. It is hard because of the way it is set up. I will have to take a picture sometime and see if I can get ideas.

    1. Do take pics and then it`ll be easier to study and plan.