Monday, March 6, 2017

Minimalism Monday - I Let Go

There are times to let go of stuff, whether its already in your home or is about to move in. This is a hard one to make decisions about, but we all have to make them.

Last week was more of a week of work and I did not get much of anything accomplished, as far as with my home and getting rid of what needs to go here, But I have a different job than most people, I am a landlady.

People leave good furniture behind as well are dishes and what-nots, its not always just trash.

Over the past few months as people moved in and out I put all that was left over into one house that I was slowly working on until I had someone to move in, I approved her after taking the application so I had a week to get busy and get rid of and clean up this rental. After she had the water turned on we also had to do a few repairs, one due to the last tenants abuse to the house.

Some had their own appliances so the ones that I had picked up here and there was piled up.

This past weekend I plugged up three refrigerators, The only one that worked properly was the one I had put in this house, the small one.

I had changed out the stoves from gas hook up to electric because most people do not use gas anymore and this one had this old gas stove, I HAD planned on bring the gas stove home and using it as my canning stove set up outside for summer canning but I got so frustrated with all this .... this... 


I gave it all away to be hauled off as scrap. I helped the elderly man load it and unload it at him house.

When I got finished I had a small desk and a very small round table left and a very small pile of pure trash of busted boards and pieces of wood. I asked the tenant if she wanted the desk and table, she did, got rid of that! Now I just have a small pile of trash to haul off.

The only things I kept were the left over window shutters and the windows that was left there till I could move them.

Now lets backtrack to before, when I wanted to keep all of it.

Fridges are not cheap so I was going to have both repaired, probably under $100 each and store them in the basement of the old home place, that I just cleaned out last year. Gas stoves are not cheap and I thought I could save money by setting it up, somewhere around here, and using it instead of buying a new one for the summer canning. The desk is make of solid wood and is adorable, I was going to use it at my old home place for when I spend the night there for the laptop. The little round table I would have used on the front porch of the old home place with a chair on each side.

BUT I let it all go. 

When I think about it I do not need any of it. The stove may not have even worked anymore since no one had used it for years, they used the microwave! And one day soon I might even rent out the old home place, I have people asking for small houses all the time and its the only two bedroom house I have, and I would have to get rid of it then.

Sometimes I realize I do not have to hoard stuff, even for use in the rental houses, nowadays most people have their own appliances.


I have to give God thanks for allowing me to get all the rental houses filled and sending me good hard working people.

How was your passed week?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. This past week had me juggling funds. The closing on my HARP remortgage was put off another month due to paperwork deadlines not met. I had already stopped the automatic payments on mtg. My SS was put off another month with no notice. I had to scramble to come up with another mtg payment. Sheesh.

    1. I am sorry life has been treating you badly. As of today I still do not have a secure future but knowing what I do not I am working on it. I just got a call the hot water heater is out and I have to pay another $150 for that repair, I really do not have it so I pay Peter and not Paul.