Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My Minimal hoarding life - Itching To Get Started

More than one project began, none finished.

Yeah, that was how last year was, up and down and get this started and go do that instead. Stop one thing because the fumes were to much, began another thing because it was quiet and had no smell.

But I got up off my lazy butt and got a few places cleaned out, so far this year, and I do not want to stop just because I am getting lazy or I think I don`t have time to be clean and organized.

Spring always seems to be the busy time of the year for me and cleaning, I think that is because I take out the houseplants that invaded the house for the Winter, I am itching to take them all out but I have to wait till I can make sure that the freezing weather is over, Once we had a freak snow storm in April! However I could not wait and I took out half of them today, especially the trees since they take up so much space. I cleared my wealth section, when using Feng Shui and I changed curtains, for the time being I am using a pretty shower curtain. ( the photo is that curtain)

After cleaning the bathroom, a little, I also took out a couple of inherited things from my bathroom, that I liked when they were in her house. An antique tissue holder and soap dish, but I am learning that sometimes when I like stuff that other people have does not mean it fits into my lifestyle or my decor. 

With only a few things and plants gone I feel SO much better.

I will dust sometime this evening, I hate dust and dust is what follows me to taunt me, sneezing and sucking away my clean air.

I have a few weeks open to get things done before I know where life will be headed. I am settled with one job and one job is over, so I just have the one that rules my hours, meaning I wont know how much I will work and how much time I will have for me, BUT I do have a few weeks to get life back on track in my home.

Spring cleaning and clearing out the clutter.

How about you? Removed anything lately?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. I haven't started yet. Today was finally nice weather. But all wet and muddy out. Tomorrow will be 36 degrees. By Friday up to 69 degrees with rain for next several days. Than weather to start dropping again.

    1. Oh that is crazy weather! Its been nice here and stable for the most part. 70 and up for the days and around 55 at nights.

    2. Yes, it is that time of year for weather to be crazy. That is winter and spring in Ohio, you never can tell what season it may be one day to the next.