Sunday, March 26, 2017

My Minimal hoarding life - Just Make It Happen

Its Springtime of the year and its time to bust open those windows and let the pollen in :)

Not really but it is time to clean up what has been closed up all Winter. I will be one of the first to admit that I did not do much cleaning this past winter, for one I was taking care of someone sick and any smelly cleaner made him sicker so I had to just go for soap and water.


First I turned off the computer and cut off the phones, cant clean house with those on.

This weekend I have made things happen. I have brought in new and took out the old, cleared and cleaned.

I do love that I got an inheritance of furniture and nice things but now that I have had it, looked at it and used it for two years I can say that its not really my style and I am cutting it loose. I bought a new recliner and took out the inherited sofa, its really nice so I put it at the old home place that I am working on off and on, so I have a sofa to use when I am there. I got the vacuuming done in the living room while I was moving the room around.

Ah! the openness and the flow of energy is so much better. If you believe in peoples energy staying in their things, then you know what I mean when I removed that piece from my home.

I also cleaned out more of the houseplants, yes I do have a lot but that is because I was supposed to had a greenhouse built last fall but I could not make it before the weather came in so I had to bring them into my house. Another room cleared of those, feels so much bigger :) even though its the spare bedroom/stockpile room it feels almost empty.

I got the desk cabinet cleaned out in the office, I am officially out of envelops :( 

I made sure I got my bedroom dusted and all the clothing hung up or put away in its place.

But the biggest accomplishment is that I got both bathrooms scrubbed! And I washed the bath mats, dried them and laid them back down.

The master bathroom has this mirror and I hate it and its in a weird place on the wall by the tub, I think its glued to the wall and I cannot get it down so I covered it. I installed a curtain rod and I hung a curtain over it. The energy in that room changed immediately, I should have fixed that years ago.

I had to let the kitchen go because I cannot get anything else accomplished if I work in there all the time. But that is okay, it gets cleaned more than any room but I will do the dishes, I piled them up today and I will do them before bed.

I guess I need to continue with getting the house cleared and cleaned so I can focus on other things I want to do outside, and to have more free time to do whatever I want.

One big project I will save for a day when its raining, my walk in closet.

Did you accomplish any Spring cleaning this past weekend? 

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. No, spring cleaning over weekend. Not yet, my area is almost there. I think we may actually start getting rain instead of snow now. At least for the next several evenings.

  2. No spring cleaning but have been repotting plants and moving ones which are planted and maybe not well and moving them to another spot as I find that plants always have a favorite place in the garden it is just finding

  3. Its always warm there isnt it?