Monday, February 8, 2016

A Minimalist - The Week In Review

February 7, 2016

Last week was one of those weeks that was very trying, on the mind and body.

I worked outside the home for the most part being a landlady and a driver.

If I would have made all my appointments, I did have if not for me and Tony, or one or another a doctor appointment everyday. But there was no way I would make all of those so I had to dropped the Chiropractor a couple days for me but I did manage four days of doctors, two days with two appointments each. Anyways we are both better than before :) I am completely over that cold and Tony is mending, I am getting better with my upper back too.

Regardless of being gone, I did keep the house picked up and neat. Its easy if I just put things away after using them but sometimes others in the house won`t do that so its left for me to follow behind them.

After I had a pain block and I was not supposed to do anything but I still worked, sitting down. I was filing paper work and managing coupons. Making up the deals. Yes to bring in MORE!

Yes, I did bring in foods this past week, I had buy one get one free pizza`s at $4.50 each!  and diet cokes $2.00 per twelve packs cans. I also restocked a little on the dogs food, there were coupons and sales that matched up.

I did go to a cousins yard sale because she always came to mine. But I bought flower pots for the new business and my sister some new lace curtains. (I just washed and dried those) I kind of got another outside table and chairs, I really did not want them but he sort of forced them on me. My sister is interested but she is a tightwad :) I have plenty of yard furniture but she has none, maybe she`ll come around.

Today is laundry day and I only had two loads, one more if I add the curtains, and that is a good thing. I got those washed, dried, folded and put away. I did get both beds changed and clean sheets back on those.

I took a couple trash bags of trash to my sisters because she has garbage pick up and I donated the plastic. It was not out of the way either because I had to make sure that the one rental house trash was waiting by the curb, They are evicted and have disappeared and I could not leave two trash cans packed full of trash just sitting, thats to nasty for me to walk away and leave, AND the cans are mind. I will drop by and get them out of the road after the trash truck runs.

On Monday I have a truck load of recyclables to take and cash out for money. I have not taken any this year so I have four trash bags of just aluminum cans. I also have two type of paper and cardboard to recycle.

Since its cold and hot and back and forth I have not been able to make another clear out and clean up. But I am serious about getting more out of my life and become the minimalist that I crave to be.

How about you? Did you manage anything big or small last week?

By Andria Perry


  1. Right now it is all I can do to get out of bed and go through the motions.

    1. I know :( And there is nothing I can say to relieve your grief, that is something each of has to deal with the best we can. But Know you have someone to talk to if you need me.

  2. The weather where I am is absolutely terrible and has been for the past couple of weeks - rainy and windy which doesn't entice us out of the house to do much!

    1. I think that Winter has finally arrive in Alabama too :( but I can say I have more than enough to do inside. I bet you could clean out a few closets or drawers and the Mrs. would be soooo happy ;)