Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Dirty House

Yes that is what I have and there is no doubt about it, especially since I am bring dirt in the house and spilling it everywhere.

Back On January 1st. I started my new business, that is growing and selling plants, I do have to have plants to sell so I had a massive seed sowing and now I am doing more and more work. No, this is not a complaint because this work is comforting to me. 

Watching the miracle of life in any form is completely amazing to me. 

But there is one problem with running a business from home and that is doing this one inside my home. I have yet to get the greenhouse but I know one is on the way, I can feel it from my growing bank account :) Yes I have saved a few hundred from blogging to do a project, although I want to buy solar something I may have to just do this one first because its happening and now.

Last night I was about to set down and write about being a minimalist and cleaning but then I looked at my even at work and said to myself " That is not clean, water ran in the floor and I used a towel to dry it, but the dirt is still there." So how can I preach what I did not practice? I don`t and I wont. 

Instead I am posting photographs of my mess " Miss keep it clean" big mess. I have to say that usually I do clean up right after I make a huge mess but this one I left ALL night.

For one to let everyone know that life is messy and two because no one is perfect and I don`t want people thinking that I think I am . In fact I do make messes, I do have dirty floors at times and I do skip a day from making the beds, I will leave dirty dishes and crumbs on the counter.

With all that being said, I do enjoy a clean home and I do feel better when its clean.

Photo- I am using the breakfast nook as my potting station but I have plants scattered all over the house, by windows for full sun, the tabletop is glass so that is why you can see the floor. That nasty smeared look in the floor is actually nasty from a couple spills :)

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry


  1. How exciting to start your new business, I wish you much success! I can't wait to start our vegetable garden, I may try starting indoors this year.

    1. I have always started tomatoes and peppers, this is the same just bigger, and thank you :)

  2. It isn't possible to do a good job without first making a mess. The important thing is the ultimate result which I'm sure will be fine.

    1. If coarse it`ll be fine, I am a business woman and if no money is involved I got food :)