Monday, February 15, 2016

A Minimalist - Positive Chi

February 15,2016

Thats right! The chi in my home was stale and bringing me down. I had to change it and fast.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I did a thorough cleaning and almost immediately you could feel the positive energy flowing in the house.

I removed that old dark oriental rug that was in the living room, I tossed it outside and the bad energy went with it. Sometimes objects just don`t belong, they still have bad energy connected to them from where they once lived and that was at a hoarders house, does not matter than she hoarded expensive things or not.

I went into the bathroom and took away all of the dark colors. The shower curtain is colorful but not the color that is needed to enhance the chi, the bathroom is connected to the money area so purple, green and blue is what now is in there. It was not difficult to change a show curtain, bath mat and towels, as I change every few months. Maybe the next time around I will need the warm colors again. I washed and put these away.

Today I am doing a cleaning of the main money section of my home, Its not that its actually that dirty, it just needs that little extra to make the good energy flow better.

The health area is also housing my new seedlings and plants, I will find a new place for them to live since career is actually the front porch, and clean this area thoroughly. I am feeling better by the day already.

I have to pay attention to those closets too, they to are a part of having good chi.

The weather is getting better and we are about to get into Springtime, with this I can do another clearing of unwanted things and things that just are not needed to live a happy, clean life.

How about you? Do you have a good positive energy flow in your home?

By Andria Perry


  1. Is chi anything to do with feng shui? I have heard of them both but know nothing about either.

  2. I am really enjoying your posts! You are steps ahead on your journey to where I hope to be (someday)

  3. There is some positive energy in my home, and some negative. Most of it is my husbands energy though. No room left for me to exercise my own chi around these parts. lol

    1. You are funny, unless he has hoarding tendencies like tony, then my face knows what your face looks like :/

  4. My home is positive energy. Getting everything to where I want it is taking much time.

    1. But that is okay, you are working on it, each item placed is a step to being cleared.

  5. My home is positive energy. Getting everything to where I want it is taking much time.