Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Minimalist - Selling

Last year I really got into selling things not like before with the couple times of the year yard sale and not just my things but things that were given to me, inheritances and gifts. Mostly through Craig`s list because of the furniture but still doing yard sales.

Then I moved into selling more of my unwanted clothing and books. But I used ebay for this and I did pretty good till January, I reckon people had enough since Christmas. But now that its nearly mid February I am beginning to see more buying again.

I am beginning to get Spring fever early because I have another yard sale in mind, or maybe I will toss some more furniture in and make it an estate sale, everyone loves an estate sale, right? Oh and old tools, costume jewelry! People always ask for those.

Well before I get excited with snow flurries on the way I better stick to right now, in time, Winter.

What to do? I can prepare, go through thinks and put them aside to sell and it gets things cleaned up, again.

I sold a book! Yes one book does not sound like a big deal but to me getting rid of a book I bought for $1 and making around $4 clear, after all costs is good to me, and one less thing in this house.

Also, I did a major haul off today of the recycling. I know that I do not make that much money but I`m NOT paying for someone to dump my trash into a landfill. 

Here is the break down:

Seven pounds of mixed paper ( old mail) Paying $11.25 per ton= .04

Twenty pounds of cardboard ( Pepsi cartons and boxes)- Paying $28.80 per ton = .29

Twenty six pounds of aluminum cans ( soda cans) - Paying .35 per pound =$9.10

Thirty pounds of Newspaper - Paying $29.15 = .44

Total $9.87.  They paid me for trash! I am always amazed and I don`t understand why other people toss trash and not get paid for it.

I reckon I need to sit down and write up my plan so that I will remember everything I want to get done and to get rid of or sell, so not to forget when I do have time and warmth outdoors.

How about you? Do you recycle?

By Andria Perry


  1. I have been having good luck selling stuff on the local Facebook garage sale pages. Just snap a pic and post it to the page and locals contact you on FB to buy it. I have had better luck on these pages than on Craig's list.

    1. I tried that and we got some real cheap people, I say $5.00 and they ask me if I will take $1.00 and bring it to them, unreal.

  2. I find it fascinating that you get paid for recycling your trash. In Scotland we don't get paid for recycling but we can get fined for NOT recycling!

    1. I have heard that about some places in USA.

  3. Yes, I recycle. Nobody in my area pays for anything but different metals. Right now that isn't much either.

    I can't wait til spring, I am ready to have a yard sale. As I was to literally clear my shed out of everything. I want to go to storage auctions, buy up units and sell the content for more money.

    1. Yes and metal prices are down right now.

      That is a good plan to make fast cash, but don't do as I tend to do sometimes, once the sale if over don't pack unsellables back because for the most part once or twice and no one wants the stuff, it should be donated.

  4. I get a nickel for each can so they add up pretty quickly. Still haven't found a place that takes cardboard less than a ton.