Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Minimalist - Frustrated By Dust

Sunday February 14,2016

I think the nice furniture I inherited has a curse. 

I have been lazy to dust this furniture since I got it, and like its owner before me, she did not like to dust it often, the the bedroom suit before this one I kept cleaned weekly, fast and no problems. 

But I bit the bullet and got to work today in my bedroom and my bathroom.

I made my bed and put away ALL stray clothes and jackets. Then I made sure I vacuumed every spot I could to get as much of the dust in the floors up.

Then I did a good lemon Lysol wipe down and I dried with a hand towel. I am not just dusting but getting rid of germs that may be lingering from that cold I had. I did the same in my bathroom and then I washed the throw rugs and mopped the floor.

Next was "that" living room, Oh my God! Tony has coughed on it for a month, no matter how many times I wiped it always felt as if it needed more. Today I gave it more.

I took out the Oriental rug. I hated that thing! Tony liked it and that is why it made it inside the house. He said nothing when he walked into the room that was freshly vacuumed and the rug was gone. I dusted everything except the top of the mantle and I asked Tony to do that, he did when he seen it was full of dust.

The kitchen is always being cleaned, seems at times I cannot get out of this room to do anything in any other room. I did a quick sweep up and mopped it after I washed up all the dirty dishes and wiped down the counters.

I took out all the trash and the recyclables. 

I washed MORE clothes. Two loads. I reckon that can only say one thing about us, we wear clean clothes :)

The dining room awaits me, I thank God its small and not much to dust, but I do have my paper work scattered about the dining table.

I really don`t wanna cook dinner tonight, because I don`t want to mess up the kitchen!

Now I am back to myself, its feeling like clean out time!

The energy in the house feels better, that is exactly what I needed.

By Andria Perry


  1. You were busy! Yesterday I totally re-organized our upstairs TV room and gosh was I impressed when done! My next project will be the master bedroom closet next weekend.

    1. Its awesome when we impress ourselves isn't it? :)

  2. I'm getting back to my old self, doing things en route. At least little pieces get done and before I know it, everything gets done. All in good time.

    1. That`s the only way to get it done, in pieces.

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    dear you need to but up something so I can follow your blog