Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My Minimal hoarding life - Getting Beyond The Kitchen

Some days I cannot believe how the kitchen gets in such a way, I know we have to eat but dang! I can`t seems to get out of that room. Anyone that knows me knows I have to have a clean kitchen but its not really clean? Since I have not wiped down the white cabinets or cleaned the oven I can see where there is room for improvement in my "need to deep clean." But .... I have a whole house to clean and I cannot live in the kitchen. I had to go beyond the kitchen, get things done that have been neglected due to always being in the kitchen, So I cook and stack the dirty dishes till the end of the day. I have now put scrub the cabinets on "my to do list."


However, I did get an upgrade to the kitchen although it was unexpected. I had to buy a new water facet because the old one had began to leak internally causing water to get under the sink into the cabinet and run to the floor. I must say it was a relief to get that replaced and all the cleaning stuff back into that cabinet.

Being in the business I am in, rental property owner, I tend to let my home go and do the repairs on the business houses, after all that is my income, but at this point I am doing good with the business so its time for me to take that $20 and apply it to home. You may think $20 is nothing but with a $20 I can do something to improve my home. I plan to update my small bathroom. I bought new tile for the bathroom! I stopped by the local Fred`s store and I bought 2 boxes of tiles, its the thick peel and stick tile that looks just like hardwood, walnut was the color of wood choice. I know many people will think I am cheap but ya know what? I have used these peel and stick in all the rental houses and it lasts longer than any other tiles I have used. When I get this bathroom finished I will do the before and after photographs.

Last Month I replaced blinds, new mini blinds make the windows look so much better.

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Since I have cleaned up much of the house I am ready to paint and to get things cleared out. I have an open rental house, that is still under repair, and I am seriously thinking about a yard sale and when I am done with it just giving what is left away. Most of the junk I still have in the shed is part of the inheritance anyways.

Besides doing the bathroom floor, I am planning to begin the cycle again of vacuuming and dusting, starting with the living room. I reckon house cleaning as well as laundry is a never ending cycle, unless you have room service :)

How is your week coming along?

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By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

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